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How Do We Help Our Customer?

"Your Path to Empowered Currency Exchange and Financial Success"

We are dedicated to assisting our customers because we understand the significance of smooth and informed currency exchange.
It is vital for us to empower our clients with live interbank rates, forecasts, and historical data to make sound decisions.
Our Currency Calculator and SMS alerts keep them up-to-date.
We offer tailored solutions like forward contract and RPC/PCFC management tools, one-time FX rate negotiations, and ROI optimizations.


Live Interbank Exchange Rate

  • Real Time Exchange rates changing in seconds
  • View MID Market Rates, BID & Ask Rates, Days High & Low values.
  • Empowers you to negotiate with your bank to get better exchange rate.

Cash Tom Spot Rates

  • Rates are available for all Cash Tom & Spot values.
  • Facilitates wise decisions to book Cash, Tom or Spot Rate.
  • Every penny counts.

Currency Forecast

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Forecasts by experts in currency trading.
  • More than 70% accurate forecasts.
  • We analyse the market 24 X 7.

Forward Contract Management Tool

  • Tool to calculate actual profit & loss for booked contracts.
  • Maintain records of all ongoing and completed contracts.
  • Reduces the hassle of maintaining excel.

Monthly & Broken Date Forward Rate

  • Month wise forward Rates/Broken date forward rates are available.
  • Empowers you to negotiate for fair premium with your bank.
  • Offers immense savings.


  • Currency Calculator
  • Historical Rates
  • Day opening and closing SMS


  • Helps you record and monitor your underlying exposure and respective hedges at real time.
  • Negotiate with your bank for better exchange rates and forward premiums to maximize your profits.
  • Helps you to build a risk management Policy which consist of what, how and when to hedge the currency exposure.
  • Provides you forward contract management tool to record and monitor your ongoing and historical contracts. Also shows the actual profit & loss for each contract.
  • Provides you packing credit management tool to record and monitor your ongoing and completed packing credit disbursements. Notifies you for upcoming due dates for PC.
  • Guides you to do natural hedge through PCFC and opposite side exposures.
  • Provides you accurate currency forecasts on daily, weekly & monthly basis.
  • Minimize your interest cost by converting your domestic long term borrowings into foreign currency borrowings.

Feedback from Clients

"Savings That Add Up: Choose Us to Save Lacs!"

I have been using the portal for almost 2 months (since November 2021) now. The rates shown on the screen matches exact with the banker screen and it had helped me so much to cover the exchange rate difference that I've been paying to banks from last so many years.

Abhishek Gupta

Weavetex Exports

We are using the facility since almost last one year. The rates quoted are genuine and matches with the rates offered by various banks. Due to the support we are able to hedge our forex exposures.

Sahil Sharma

Javi Home Pvt. Ltd.

In just one small transaction, I could manage to save money equivalent to 6 years of your website subscription fees. Thanks a lot for all the help and support during my first transaction and in negotiating with my bank

Animesh Kumar

Virtue International

I have been using the portal for almost 2 months (since November 2021) now. The rates shown on the screen matches exact with the banker screen and it had helped me so much to cover the exchange rate difference that I've been paying to banks from last so many years.

Abhishek Gupta

Weavetex Exports

Frequently Asked Questions

We have established partnerships with trusted financial institutions and sources that provide real-time data on interbank exchange rates. Our advanced technology allows us to aggregate and display these rates in real-time on our platform.

Yes, our interbank rates are highly accurate. We take pride in ensuring that the rates we provide are reliable and up-to-date. Our platform uses sophisticated algorithms to verify and match the rates displayed with the rates available on bank screens.

Absolutely! Our rates are derived from reputable and trusted sources, and we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure their accuracy. We strive to maintain transparency and provide you with the most reliable exchange rate information.

Our rates are updated in real-time. You can be confident that the rates you see on our website are current and reflect the dynamic nature of the foreign exchange market.

By having access to accurate interbank rates, you gain a competitive edge in negotiations with banks. You can use this information to secure more favorable rates on your international transactions, potentially saving significant amounts on currency conversion costs.

Forward premiums refer to the difference between the spot exchange rate and the forward exchange rate. With our information on accurate forward premiums prevailing in the market, you can negotiate for the right premium on your forward contract bookings. This allows you to minimize exchange rate risks and optimize your financial decisions.

Our currency forecasts are known for their impressive accuracy, with a track record of over 70%. These forecasts are valuable tools for making informed business decisions, especially for importers and exporters who need to plan and budget effectively amidst currency fluctuations.

Yes, we have numerous success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from our accurate exchange rate information and currency forecasts. These testimonials highlight the positive impact our services have had on their businesses and financial decisions.

Recording of booked forward contracts in digital form. Provides real time profit and loss on any booked contract Calculate Swap points on early utilization and profit and loss on cancellation of forward contract. Notifies about contracts being due or expiring. Full and partial utilization of contract available Maintains historical data of all the contracts

No, you cannot book rate on our portal but you can get the real time information related to currency rates to negotiate better rates with your bank.